• Software Test Design Technique - Boundary Value Analysis
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    Software Test Design Techniques

    To write the Test Cases in more effective and efficient way, we are having the below main Software Test Design Techniques: Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) Equivalence Class Partition (ECP)  Error Guessing State Transition Diagrams Decision Table Testing   Boundary Value Analysis (BVA): Whenever we are having a range like 1 to 10000 or 1 to 1000000 or 100000 to 10000000 etc. then it is not possible to perform the exhaustive testing, so at that time we need to use the Boundary Value Analysis Technique. Divide the range of multiple boundaries like: Min – 1, Min, Min + 1, Middle, Max – 1, Max, Max + 1. To perform the Positive…

  • test summary report
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    Test Summary Report

    Test Summary Report has been prepared after the Testing phase complete and at the beginning of Delivery and Maintenance phase. Bug Reporting of the build will be continuing until the build stable. The majority of Test Cases, Bugs and no. of Blocker bugs should report through Reporting tool. Development team resolves all the bugs reported by the Testing team. Once the build is stable, the Project Manager will deliver to the client. Once the build is successfully deployed in the live environment then the maintenance of the project will be started and also Test Summary Report will be prepared by Testing team. Test Summary Report is also called Build Post…

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    Build Status Report

    Build Status Report We may receive multiple builds for a project, so for each build, we have to prepare the below Test Report and we need to send this build status report to the Lead or Project Manager. Test Matrix: Matrix means the measurement of the Task, so Test Matrix means the measurement of the Testing.   Pending: If the Developer has not given the functionality in the build then Tester can’t execute those Test Cases, so it comes under Pending.   Skipped: If some Test cases fail and due that failure we are unable to execute the dependent test cases, so those test cases come under Skipped. Example: In…

  • Bug Life Cycle
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    Bug Life Cycle (BLC) is the life cycle of the bug from finding a New bug to Closed that bug. First of all when a new build Release from the Development Team to the Testing Team. Testing Team performs Testing on the build. If No any bug found in the build then that stable build delivered to the Client. If any bug found in the build then the Status of that bug will be New and Testing Team send that bug to the Development Team. Development Team will check that bug according to the given bug description from the Testing Team. If Development Team found that reported bug is a…

  • Bug Reporting Through Bugzilla
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    Bug Reporting through BUGZILLA

    BUGZILLA is an Open – Source Bug Tracking Tool which can be used by Software Professionals. In many Software Organizations, Software QAs do Bug reporting through Bugzilla because it is easy to use, user-friendly, QAs & Management team can track any bug and its current status, Time Tracking, Email Notification etc also it can be used with Teat Management Tools like Testlink, Quality Center etc. Let’s see how to Bug Reporting through Bugzilla step by step:   First of all, we need to Create an Account on Bugzilla Step 01: Click on the given link of Bugzilla https://landfill.bugzilla.org/bugzilla-5.0-branch/ Now the web page will display   Step 02: Now click on…

  • Bug Reporting by using any Reporting Tool
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    Bug Reporting by using any Reporting tool

    Bug Reporting by using any Reporting Tool is another process of Bug Reporting. This process is very convenient for the reporting of bugs due to the availability of open – source tools. There are two types of Reporting tools: – Management Tools (for examples: QC, JIRA, Test Manager etc.) Bug Tracking Tools (for examples: Bugzilla, Mantis etc.) Any Reporting Tools will be having two kinds of Users are: Admin User, 2. End User   Admin User: Admin is responsible for creating the projects, create the users and assign any user to the specific projects.   End User: End User is responsible for using the tool. Example: Software Tester, Developer, Project…

  • Bug Reporting
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    Bug Reporting

    The process of sending the identified bugs to the Developer is known as Bug Reporting. The Bug Reporting is done by two types: Bug Reporting by using an Excel file. Bug Reporting by using any Reporting tool.   Bug Reporting by using an Excel file:  In this Reporting process, a Test Engineer update the Bug related information in an excel file and it will send to the Developer. It is called Bug Tracking Template or Bug Reporting Template or Bug Template. Bug ID: The serial no. of the Bug will be mention in this column.   Bug Title: The Actual Result of the Bug will be described in this column.…

  • Result Analysis
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    Result Analysis

    Test Result Analysis: While executing the Test Cases, the Test Engineer do result analysis by comparing the Actual result with Expected result. If both the results are matching, then Test Engineer will update the Result as Pass under the Result column of Test Case Template. If the Actual Test result and Expected Test result are not matching to each other, then Test Engineer will update the Result as Fail under Result column of Test Case Template. The same process will continue for all the Test Cases. For Pass Test Cases will provide Green colour whereas for Fail Test Cases will provide Red Colour in the Test Template. If any Test…

  • Test Case Execution
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    Test Case Execution

    After preparing all the Test Cases in the Test Template for all the Requirements, the phase Test Case Execution will conduct by the Testing Team. Once all the Test Cases are baselined, Testing Team wait for the build: Once the build is released from the Development Team to Testing Team, so the build will deploy in Test Environment, then the Testing Team will perform Sanity Test first. Once the Sanity Test on the build is pass, then the Testing Team will execute all the prepared Test Cases for the build according to the Test Steps. The Sanity Test results will be sent to the Development Team also. Testing Team will…

  • Software Test Design Template image
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    Software Test Design

    This is the Second Phase of STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle. The Process of Writing the Test Cases for the Project is known as Software Test Design. Test Engineer is responsible for writing the Test Cases. Every company will be having a Test Case template to write the Test Cases. Test Case Template:   Modules: Requirements will be distributed in Modules. These Modules will be available in AUT (Application Under Test).   Test Case ID: The serial no. of the Test Cases will be mentioned here.   Test Types: The Types of Test Cases are below: GUI Validation Positive (+ve) Negative (-ve) DB (Data Base)   GUI: Graphical User…