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Hello friends I am Ravi Singh Jaiswar, Owner of  Work for Quality website.

I have been in Software Testing field for more than 5 years. Having experience in Manual Testing as well as Automation Testing of Web apps, Mobile apps and Desktop apps. I have worked on many projects collectively and individually both. I am currently working in a IT company which is located in Lucknow (City of Nawabs), India and also a partner and co-founder of a start-up “W2D Online Services Pvt. Ltd (Way2door)”.

I am a foodie & interested in travelling, view new places, meet new people, view historical places, Writing Articles on various topics, technology, politics, sports, entertainment, software development, new gadgets, hangout with friends, reading adventurous novels, watching cricket etc.

Basically I have done B.Tech with stream Electrical Engineering. I have worked in Sales & Marketing, Insurance, Real Estate and working in IT finally.

My goals:

  1. Generate as many job as I can in my life time.
  2. Build a hospital and a system which is dedicated to rescue & cure lives for those who injured in accidents and natural calamity.

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