Agile process - Advantages and Disadvantages
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AGILE – Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays in IT companies, the Agile process of Software Development Life Cycle is very popular that every company whether it is big shots IT companies or small IT companies, all are using this agile process in their software development and services.So, let’s know about the Agile – Advantages and Disadvantages. Here are some points which I have mentioned below:


  • We can save the time and cost of the project by performing all the phases parallelly. We can effectively use all the resources time.
  • We can ensure for the quality by confirming testing all the sprints multiple times.
  • We can accept the requirement change at any stage of the project development.
  • We don’t have the delivery risk because each and every sprint we are delivering it to the client.
  • We can maintain the transparency in the scrum meetings, so we can gain the confidence from the client by interacting with him during the scrum meetings.
  • Risks can be analyzed at the early stage and it can be prevented.


  • It is very difficult to maintain all the sprints information but we can overcome with the Test Management tools. Ex. Test Link, QC, JIRA, Test Manager etc.
  • We can add each sprint’s information in the above tools.

It will draw extra burden on Design, Development and Testing team because of its continuous requirement change.


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