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AGILE – Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays in IT companies, the Agile process of Software Development Life Cycle is very popular that every company whether it is big shots IT companies or small IT companies, all are using this agile process in their software development and services.So, let’s know about the Agile – Advantages and Disadvantages. Here are some points which […]

Software Development Model – V Model and Fish Model

V-Model: It is also known as Verification and Validation model. Validation: Check whether the developed software (Project or product) is as per the client’s requirements or not is known as Validation. Test Engineers are Validators or QC. Verification: The Testing team will check whether each and every phase outcome document is as per the company’s […]

Software Development Model – Spiral Model

Spiral Model is a combination of Waterfall Model and Prototype. Instead of collecting all the requirements at once, we able to collect few requirements. It will be analyzed, design with the help of prototype, then it will be developed and tested. The Same process will be continuing until all the requirements are completed. Once all Requirements […]