• Steps for creating a project in Eclipse
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    Steps for creating a project in Eclipse

    The steps for creating a project in Eclipse for the Automation Testing using Selenium are given below: Create a project by navigating to File >> New >> Select project. Select the Java Project Give the project name ‘Selenium or any name’. Select 1.6/1.7/1.8 from dropdown Use an execution environment JRE then click on finish. Click on Yes to continue the setup Expand the Selenium Automation Project– Right click on JRE system library– Click on Build path and select Configure build path. Click on Add External JARs – select selenium server standalone jar file from library folder then click on ‘Open’ and ‘Ok’. Go to ‘Run’ click an ‘External Tools’ and select ‘External…

  • Selenium Configuration with Java
    Quality,  Selenium,  Selenium Configuration

    Selenium Configuration with Java

    Selenium configuration with Java to write Selenium RC & Selenium Webdriver programmes. We need below files to configure: Eclipse (Latest version needed) JDK or JRE 6/7/8 version or (Latest version needed) Selenium-Server-Standalone-2.48.0 jar or  (Latest version needed)  Eclipse- It is an editor to write the test scripts or programmes. Eclipse is standalone file (folder) not necessary to install it. To open Eclipse JDK or JRE should be installed in your system. Install the Eclipse IDE for EE developers.   JDK or JRE: JDK stands for ‘Java Development Kit’ and JRE stand for ‘Java Runtime Environment’ both are nothing but Java. Go to the path program files Java –“C:\program files\java”. Check…