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    Selenium RC Programmes

    There are some Selenium RC Programmes given here: Ques: Write a program to Login into Facebook? Program: Package SeleniumRC; Import com.thoughtworks.selenium.default selenium; Public class facebook_login { Public static void main (string [] args) { // to do auto-generated method stub Default Selenium  Selenium = new Default Selenium (“local host”, 4444, “*firefox”,” https://www.facebook.com/”); Selenium.start ();     //Launch browser Selenium.open (“https://www.facebook.com/”);  //enter and open the given url Selenium.window maximize();   //it will maximize the window screen to the full width. Selenium.type (“email”, example@email.com);   //enter the given credential in Email field. Selenium.type (“pass”, example);   //enter the given credential in Password field. Selenium.click(“u_0_2”);   //this command is for the click on the Log In Button. } }…