• Video Call Feature
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    Video Call Feature

    Video Call Feature is the most important feature in any communication application nowadays. This Feature is the Boon in this Corona Pandemic for everyone whether it is for Personal use or Professional use. What is the Video Call feature? People are now not only limited to talk to anyone on the call, they can also view the caller and the activity happening on the caller side in the real-time, so that they can enjoy the moment and/or help them to feel and understand the current situation on the other side of the call. How to do use of the Video Call feature? Video calling is done by the Video Calling…

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    Search Functionality Test Cases

    One of the most important and basic functionality is “Search” feature which is available on almost all the websites, web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications. From popular Search engine Google to most popular eCommerce store amazon, all the applications, blog sites, Video streaming sites, etc. have the “Search” feature. These big tech giants are upgrading their Search capability day by day. So here I have given below the Search Functionality Test Cases to verify which app Search feature qualifies all the parameters. Search Test Cases 1. Verify that the Search functionality field or button should be available and active in the Screen or page or application of the system.…

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    Mobile Payment User Flow

    In Mobile Payment User Flow, the Debit and Credit process is the most important process of any Payment app. It is also referred to as Online Payment sometimes, so it is very important to know the Online Payment Use Cases so that any user, as well as any QA or Developer, can test their application and make it better. Online Payment Use Cases Let’s try the transaction of $10 as an example, we have the below the Mobile Payment User Flow to verify the transaction. 1. Sender >> initiate payment with all the valid details >> Debit done >> response received >> message display to sender “$10 has been debited…

  • How To Write The Test Cases
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    How to write the Test Cases?

    Writing test cases is an art to think out of the box. Before knowing how to write the Test Cases? We must know that what the test cases exactly are. Actually, test cases are the process to test anything step by step so that we can know that how that thing or situation or software or equipment works then after performing the step by step process we have to evaluate the result whether that thing or situation or software or equipment is performing as expected or not. Here we will discuss the test cases for software as well as anything or any situation. Test cases tell us that how to…

  • Cut Copy Paste Test Scenario
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    Cut Copy Paste Test Scenarios

    Nowadays for any computer guy is using the most common functionality is Cut Copy Paste. Most of the work done in the IT and Non-IT sector by the Cut Copy Paste functionality in the computer system. Therefore Cut Copy Paste Test Scenarios is very useful to know more about this functionality to understand and work better. Test Scenarios for Cut-Paste functionality: Verify that select any file image, videos, documents etc. in desktop screen then cut by Ctrl+X and paste it in the same screen again and again, but it should not be duplicate. Verify that select any Text in any editable document then cut by Ctrl+X and paste by Ctrl+V…