Globalization Testing: Localization Testing and Internationalization Testing
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Globalization Testing

Globalization Testing is of two types:

  1. Localization Testing
  2. Internationalization Testing


Localization Testing:

Testing the application in all the Local languages, like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telgu etc. is known as Localization Testing.

  • It supports the maximum of 10 languages for a single integration. Hence we will call it as L10N Testing.


  • Test the in all local languages like Bengali, Hindi, Telgu etc.
  • Test the ATM machine with the languages like English, Hindi and Tamil.


Internationalization Testing:

Test the application in all the international languages, like Japanese, Spanish, French, British English, US English etc. is known as Internationalization Testing.

  • It supports the maximum of 18 languages for a single integration. Hence we will call it as Internationalization Testing.


Test the in all the international languages like Japanese, Spanish, Chinese etc.

Note: Globalization Testing is not for all the application depends on the requirements & application you will perform Globalization Testing.


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