How To Write The Test Cases
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How to write the Test Cases?

Writing test cases is an art to think out of the box. Before knowing how to write the Test Cases?

We must know that what the test cases exactly are.
Actually, test cases are the process to test anything step by step so that we can know that how that thing or situation or software or equipment works then after performing the step by step process we have to evaluate the result whether that thing or situation or software or equipment is performing as expected or not.

Here we will discuss the test cases for software as well as anything or any situation. Test cases tell us that how to perform testing and analyze anything, whether it is a software piece or a situation.

So let’s know that how to write the Test Cases? For writing test cases we have to start from the basics.

1. Read and verify the documents if available related to that subject:

  • Read the available documents which are related to the subject / functionality carefully.
  • Verify the functionality description line by line and noted out the main points.

2. Verify the working of the subject:

  • Verify and understand the subject / functionality after reading the documents and verify it line by line.
  • Understand that how the functionality / subject works.

3. First of all, we should verify the visuals of the subject:

  • For writing the better the test cases we should visualize the functionality / subject and its working in live / production scenario.

4. Do research for the subject / functionality and gather more information about the subject.

  • Research and analysis more and more about the functionality / subject and its working in every possible condition by available mediums (Internet, books etc.).

5. Think and write about every scenario in every situation for the subject / functionality.

  • Think, analyze and do brainstorming on every possible condition about the subject / functionality.
  • Write every scenario for the subject / functionality.

6. Try to think out of the box and write those scenarios too.
7. Discuss about the subject to the peers and gather more reviews
8. Always try to personify if possible to write more accurate test cases that hold more value.
9. Think about the subject time to time update your test cases accordingly.
10. Writing test cases need more logical and analytical thinking.
11. Always clear the knowledge and understanding about the subject.
12. Always keep in mind the four questions to evaluating and analyze any subject
i) What is this?
ii) Purpose of this?
iii) How does it work?
iv) What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

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