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Levels of Software Testing Part – 2

Levels of Software Testing Part – 1

UAT (User or Client Acceptance Testing):

  • Once the build is stable in Test Environment the Project Manager will inform the client through email that build is stable, then the client will send User Acceptance Test Cases (UATCs) to the Testing Team.
  • The Test Team will execute all the UATCs, if all are pass, then they will deliver the build to the client.
  • The client will again execute all the UATCs in stage environment.
  • If all are pass then they will deploy in production of live environment.
  • UAT is of two types: 1. Alpha Testing, 2. Beta Testing.

Alpha Testing:

Executing all the UATCs in Test Environment by Testing Team is known as Alpha Testing.

Beta Testing:

Executing all the UATCs in Client Environment (Stage) by the Testing Team or the Client Team is known as Beta Testing.


System Testing:

It is the Non – Functional Testing. Once the application is stable, if the application is having more number of users then we can go for System Testing.

  • The Response time of the application will be analyzed in System Testing.
  • The Time Taken between the Request and Response is known as Response Time.
  • It can be analyzed by using the below testing:
  1. Load Testing
  2. Performance Testing
  3. Stress Testing
  4. Volume Testing
  5. Breaking Point Testing
  6. Spike Testing
  7. Soak Testing


Levels of Software Testing Part – 1


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