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Manual vs. Automation

Hello Quality professionals

I have listened and read a lot of thoughts about Manual Testing and Automation Testing from the beginning of my career. Some thoughts are in favor and some are in against and some folks start voting between them that which one will be better in Testing or exist in future.

According to my experience so far, Manual Testing and Automation Testing both are necessary without any doubt.

Well my strategy is very simple for Testing:

  1. First of all conduct the Manual Testing on the project. This will bring clear idea about the project.
  2. After at least one round of Manual Testing, I conduct Automation Testing where it is necessary.
Manual Testing is very useful for investigation because it needs Skill, Aptitude and Experience.
                                                              Where as
Automation Testing is very useful to do Tedious and Laborious work in very fast manner again and again.
It is like a bike riding in which Automation is Bike and Manual is Rider. So it will depend on Rider that
How to ride? 
When to ride?
Where to go? 
Which way to take to reach the destination?
As you all know our IT industry is always keep on changing. A lot of creative innovations are bringing revolution in this industry day by day, so we have to move forward with the time. In future may be Coding, Testing and Designing all will be automate 90 to 95 percent or more but rest 5 to 10 percent will be depend on human mind because “Only mind has the power to think beyond the limits, bring new ideas and create innovations.
Enjoy Testing…….?


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