Online Sale of Alcohol in Maharashtra
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Online Sale of Alcohol in Maharashtra

People of Maharashtra will get alcohol at their door step soon because Maharashtra government is about to give the permission for the online sale of alcohol in Maharashtra soon. Maharashtra will become the first Indian state who is going to allow the policy of online sale and assured that it should reach at the buyer’s doorstep through home delivery facility.

Online sale of liquor through e-commerce has not been introduced in the country till now due to restriction of government. Mr. Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Excise minister of the state has said that this policy will be game changer and brings huge impact on the liquor business. The main reason to introduce this policy is due to the rise of drunken driving cases and most of the accidents have occurred and result is the loss of many lives.

According to the NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) approx 6295 people have injured and 2988 people have died due to drunken driving accidents in 2015 and these numbers are increasing continuously.

State government will overlook the buying and delivering process, people will take advantage of online sale of alcohol in Maharashtra after fulfilling the criteria such as age, name, address, including adhaar number. The liquor bottles will be trackable from the manufacturer to customer via seller due to geo tag, this will help to reduce the smuggling and fake alcohols.

A social activist Paromita Goswami is against this government’s policy and want total ban on alcohol has said that it is unconstitutional move of the government because in Constitution of India’s article 47 states that the sale of intoxicated drinks which results the injury or death, has been prohibited.

After the ban of Liquor selling in the 500 meters from the highways by Supreme Court, there was a huge negative impact on the liquor sale and thousands of the liquor sale outlets have been relocated and closed. Liquor sale is the second highest revenue generator for the state government and this move will surely increase the revenue.


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