Database Testing, Static and Dynamic Testing

Database Testing:

When we submit the data from the application (Frontend), the data will be inserted into the database.Whether the data is properly inserted into the tables of the database is known as Database Testing.

Example: Create one account in Gmail >> Once it is successfully created, the details will be stored in the database.


Static Testing:

Test the application without performing any action is known as Static Testing.


GUI Testing, Validation.

  • Validation means checking the availability of the fields.


Dynamic Testing:

Test the application by performing some action is known as Dynamic Testing.


Regression Testing, Re – Testing, Adhoc Testing etc.


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2 Thoughts on Database Testing, Static and Dynamic Testing

  1. Static Testing is reviewing business requirements using formal or informal way- reviews/walk through/inspections.
    Dynamic Testing is executing the code and validating the outcome of the program.

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