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SDLC “Software Development Life Cycle” – Part 4

Fifth & Sixth Phase of Software Development Life CyclePart 4 is Testing and Delivery & Maintenance Phase.

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Testing Phase:

Roles Involved:

  • Testing Team
  • Developers
  • BA
  • Project Manager


  • Once the SRS document is baselined it will sent to both the Testing Team and Development Team.
  • Test Engineers will review the document thoroughly, if any unclear requirements are identified, it will be updated in review report.
  • The review report will be sent to the Team Lead, where he will consolidate all the unclear requirements in to a single document then it will be sent to the BA.
  • BA will provide clarification to all the unclear requirements then he will sent to the updated review to the Testing Team.
  • Test engineers again review updated SRS document.
  • Once all the requirements are clear then they will prepare Test Cases for all the requirement in Test Case Template.
  • Test Cases document sent to the BA where he will check that whether all the Test Cases are updated or not.
  • Test Engineer will update the Test Cases as per the BA comments.
  • Once it is baselined, it will be uploaded to the Central Repository.
  • Once the build is release to the Testing Team, they will execute all the Test Cases on the Build.
  • If any bug identified, it will be reported to the Development Team.
  • Developers will fix it and send it back to the Testing Team. Testers again test the build and if again any bug found then it will again return to the Development Team.
  • The same process continues until the build is stable.
  • Finally the stable build will be delivered to the client.


Delivery and Maintenance Phase:


  • Once the build is properly tested in test environment and if the build is stable then the lead inform the Project Manager about the same.
  • The Project manager will deliver the build to the client.
  • Client will deploy it in stage or pre-production environment and test the build.
  • Stage environment is common environment for both client team and Testing Team to test the build.
  • Once the build is stable in stage environment then it will deploy in live or production environment.
  • Once the build is deployed in live environment then the company will conclude that the project is successfully delivered to the client.


  • Once the project is successfully delivered to the client the maintenance of the project will be started.
  • During Maintenance company is responsible to fixing the bugs which are identified by the client and updating enhancements (Change Request) of the build.
  • Whenever the client send any bug and enhancement, from the company someone (BA, PM, Test Lead) is responsible to send an acknowledgement email to the client within the Turn Around Time (TAT), it could be 12 hours to 24 hours (Working Hours).
  • The maintenance of the project will be continued as long as the project is on live.


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