Selenium Components
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Selenium Components

Selenium is majorly built on the below components which are called Selenium Components:

  • Selenium IDE 
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selendroid and Appium


Selenium IDE: 

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, it is for Record and Runs the scripts. It is an Addon for Mozilla Firefox browser (We can install it in Firefox browser only).


Selenium RC:

RC stands for Remote Control. It is a Selenium-1, it acts as a server and launches all the browser but one browser at a time.

  • It is an API (Application Programming Interface) and Library.


Selenium Webdriver: 

It is the Selenium 2.

  • It is the advanced version of Selenium RC.
  • The limitations which are identified in RC are overcome in Webdriver and also given added advantages.


Selenium GRID:

  • It is for parallel execution.
  • We can launch all the targeted browser parallelly and the scripts can be executed on all the browsers parallelly.
  • We can launch the maximum of 5 browsers.


Selendroid & Appium:

  • Selendroid is a tool which is used for the testing of Mobile applications on the Android Platform.
  • Appium is a tool which is used for the testing of Mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms.


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