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Software Development Model – Waterfall Model

There are below 5 types of Software Development Models:

  • Waterfall Model
  • Spiral Model
  • V Model
  • Fish Model
  • Agile Process


Waterfall Model:

The sequential execution of all the phases in Software Development Life Cycle is known as Waterfall Model. Once the phase is completed the high level management will analyze that phase.


It is easy to implement.

  • The Risk can’t be analyzed at the early stage of the life cycle and it can’t be prevented.
  • Time Consuming Process and Costly Process.
  • The requirement change can’t be accepted at the middle of the process.
  • It still needs to be update the requirement, then the company will take the requirement change as a Change Request (C.R.).

Let there are 200 requirements then

Requirement Approx. 2 Months required to collect all the requirement
Analyze Approx. 1 Month is needed to analyze those requirement (Suppose 180 requirements are possible and 20 requirements are not possible to implement)
Design Approx. 1 Month is needed for design
Coding 2 to 3 Months are needed for coding
Testing 2 Months are needed for testing
Delivery & Maintenance 1 Month is needed for delivery & maintenance


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