Software Development Model – Agile Process

Agile Process:

It contains multiple Sub – Models, where we are going to use the Scrum Model.

  • It is also known as the iterative and incremental model.

It contains multiple terms like:

  • Scrum Master
  • User Stories
  • Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Plan
  • Sprint Meeting
  • Backlog


Scrum Master:

The person which going to facilitate or lead the process is known as Scrum Master

  • The Project Manager or the Client will act as Scrum Master.
  • He is responsible for Scrum Meetings and Sprint Meetings.


User Stories:

User Stories are Requirements.

  • The requirements will be captured in the form of End User used ways, hence we will call it as User Stories.
  • BA is responsible for collecting the User Stories.

Scrum Meeting:

  • On daily basis, all the Team members including the client will participate in a meeting.
  • Scrum Master is responsible for conducting the meeting, where they will discuss what tasks they have performed yesterday and what tasks they are planning to perform today. Is there any challenge faced?
  • All the Team members will discuss in this meeting, So we can maintain the Transparency.

Sprint Plan:

  • Sprint is the fixed time period, it is also known as iteration.
  • It could be 2 or 3 weeks, it will be decided by the Scrum Master.
  • During the sprint, the number of requirements which we are going to develop, test and deliver to the client is known as sprint plan.
  • If you are unable to develop and test any requirements as part of the sprint, then the sprint won’t be extended. Those sprints move to next sprint (Backlogs).

Sprint Meeting:

  • One the Sprint is completed, it will be delivered to the client. The next sprint plan will be discussed in a meeting called Sprint Meeting.
  • They will also discuss, is the previous sprint successfully delivered to the client or not? If not then what challenges are faced? And they will also discuss the next sprint plan.


As part of the sprint plan, if you are unable to deliver any requirements, then it will be taken into the Backlogs, these will be carried forwarded to the next sprint.


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