• Selenium Configuration with Java
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    Selenium Configuration with Java

    Selenium configuration with Java to write Selenium RC & Selenium Webdriver programmes. We need below files to configure: Eclipse (Latest version needed) JDK or JRE 6/7/8 version or (Latest version needed) Selenium-Server-Standalone-2.48.0 jar or  (Latest version needed)  Eclipse- It is an editor to write the test scripts or programmes. Eclipse is standalone file (folder) not necessary to install it. To open Eclipse JDK or JRE should be installed in your system. Install the Eclipse IDE for EE developers.   JDK or JRE: JDK stands for ‘Java Development Kit’ and JRE stand for ‘Java Runtime Environment’ both are nothing but Java. Go to the path program files Java –“C:\program files\java”. Check…

  • Test Case Execution
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    Test Case Execution

    After preparing all the Test Cases in the Test Template for all the Requirements, the phase Test Case Execution will conduct by the Testing Team. Once all the Test Cases are baselined, Testing Team wait for the build: Once the build is released from the Development Team to Testing Team, so the build will deploy in Test Environment, then the Testing Team will perform Sanity Test first. Once the Sanity Test on the build is pass, then the Testing Team will execute all the prepared Test Cases for the build according to the Test Steps. The Sanity Test results will be sent to the Development Team also. Testing Team will…

  • Exploratory Testing and Adhoc Testing
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    Exploratory Testing and Adhoc Testing

    Exploratory Testing: The domain experts will test the application as per their domain knowledge. While testing they will identify that the existing requirements are sufficient. If not then they will explore (Identify) the new requirements & suggest those requirements need to be added to the application. To perform Exploratory Testing requirement knowledge is not needed, domain knowledge is needed.   Adhoc Testing:   Adhoc means as per the Test Engineer used way. After understanding all the requirements of the project and at least one round of Manual Testing is completed then the Test Engineer can perform testing in his own way is known as Adhoc Testing. The main purpose of…

  • Regression Testing and Re - Testing
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    Regression Testing and Re – Testing

    Regression Testing: Testing already tested functionalities on the Iterative and Incremental builds is known as Regression Testing. It will be performed in two ways: Whenever the bug is identified, it will be reported to the developer. The developer will fix it and send it back to the Testing team. The Test Engineer will check whether the bug is really fixed or not. The Test Cases which are passed in the previous build will be tested again on the new build and check whether passed Test Cases working same as previous or not. Testing already tested functionalities is Regression Testing, Testing the new functionalities is not Regression Testing, it comes under…

  • Smoke Testing and Pre - SRN Testing
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    Smoke Testing & Pre – SRN Testing

    Smoke Testing: First Type of Functional Testing is Smoke Testing, it is also called Build Verification Testing (BVT). It is the initial testing conducted on the build. Once it is deployed in one environment, initially the developer will deploy the build in the development environment and perform the Smoke Testing. He will check whether the build is ready for further testing or not by clicking on, all the module related fields. If all are navigating properly to respective pages, then he will conclude that the Smoke Test is pass, Then the Developer will release the build to the Testing Team.   Pre – SRN Testing: (SRN -> Software Release Notes)…

  • Software Development

    CMS Development

    CMS Development CMS Development lets you manage your website the way you want to manage your content because no one knows your business requirements better than you. And hence you as a website owner should have the ease and ability to make changes to your website at any hour of the day without needing any technical expertise. That is why CMS websites are getting more admired now days. Quick modifications, better and simple control panel leads to amplified productivity. MAGENTO Development Magento is open source E-Commerce platform. Rony Infotech specialized in Magento Development can provide complete Magento E-Commerce solutions catered to your unique requirements. WORDPRESS Development WordPress is Open Source and free…

  • Software Test Plan
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    Software Test Plan

    Software Test Plan Software Test Plan is a strategic document in which it has explained that how the testing will be conduct on the particular software project. It is very necessary to know about this plan because it gives the clear idea of about every phase of testing. Objectives and Scope: This document provides a high level view of the type of test that is scheduled to be carried out and the features that will and will not be tested. The objective of this document is to test the functionality of the XXXX Application. Features to be tested: The features which are to be tested are: Admin Merchant Delivery system…

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    Angry Tester’s thought

    Angry Tester’s thought “What do you want a Tester or a Developer?” Please be specific, what do you want a Software Tester or a Software Developer ??? This kind of thought always comes in most of the candidates’ mind who attend any Software Testing Interview. Those candidates who start their career from Manual Testing always think of this thought when some interviewer asks questions related to development skills. I also used to think the same until I have not learned Automation Testing. When I was learning Automation by using Selenium then I understood if a Tester have a little coding skill then he / she can do very good in…