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Angry Tester’s thought

Angry Tester’s thought “What do you want a Tester or a Developer?” Please be specific, what do you want a Software Tester or a Software Developer ??? This kind of thought always comes in most of the candidates’ mind who attend any Software Testing Interview. Those candidates who start their career from Manual Testing always […]

Test Without Test Cases

Test Without Test Cases Test cases are necessary for the testing of any software project…… but what to do when more number of projects have arrived in the small Testing team to test in short time limit and willing to give maximum result. So we need to Test Without Test Cases. This Type of scenario […]

Manual vs. Automation

Hello Quality professionals

I have listened and read a lot of thoughts about Manual Testing and Automation Testing from the beginning of my career. Some thoughts are in favor and some are in against and some folks start voting between them that which one will be better in Testing or exist in future.