• Test Case Execution
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    Test Case Execution

    After preparing all the Test Cases in the Test Template for all the Requirements, the phase Test Case Execution will conduct by the Testing Team. Once all the Test Cases are baselined, Testing Team wait for the build: Once the build is released from the Development Team to Testing Team, so the build will deploy in Test Environment, then the Testing Team will perform Sanity Test first. Once the Sanity Test on the build is pass, then the Testing Team will execute all the prepared Test Cases for the build according to the Test Steps. The Sanity Test results will be sent to the Development Team also. Testing Team will…

  • Software Test Design Template image
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    Software Test Design

    This is the Second Phase of STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle. The Process of Writing the Test Cases for the Project is known as Software Test Design. Test Engineer is responsible for writing the Test Cases. Every company will be having a Test Case template to write the Test Cases. Test Case Template:   Modules: Requirements will be distributed in Modules. These Modules will be available in AUT (Application Under Test).   Test Case ID: The serial no. of the Test Cases will be mentioned here.   Test Types: The Types of Test Cases are below: GUI Validation Positive (+ve) Negative (-ve) DB (Data Base)   GUI: Graphical User…