Test Case Execution
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Test Case Execution

After preparing all the Test Cases in the Test Template for all the Requirements, the phase Test Case Execution will conduct by the Testing Team.

Once all the Test Cases are baselined, Testing Team wait for the build:

  • Once the build is released from the Development Team to Testing Team, so the build will deploy in Test Environment, then the Testing Team will perform Sanity Test first.
  • Once the Sanity Test on the build is pass, then the Testing Team will execute all the prepared Test Cases for the build according to the Test Steps.
  • The Sanity Test results will be sent to the Development Team also.
  • Testing Team will also prepare some Test Cases according to the present build in the Testing Environment.
  • While executing the Test Cases, the Test Engineer will observe the actual behavior of the application for preparing the further scenarios for Testing.
  • The actual behavior of the application after Test execution will be updated under the Actual Result column of the Test Template.
  • The same process will be repeated for all the scenarios.
  • In Test Execution phase, Exploratory Testing and Adhoc Testing will also perform on the build. These kinds of Testing is not documented, it depends on Software Tester’s experience.

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