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Video Streaming Test Scenarios

Today whole world is moving towards digitization and use of internet is crossing every limit day by day and most of the people use to do video streaming by their devices to enjoy, education, entertainment etc. therefore there are many video streaming software available on the internet for download and install or use online streaming software like Youtube, Netflix, Openload, Dailymotion etc. So use the video streaming test scenarios to ensure that the user gets the best video streaming experience with the use of selected streaming software on the basis of test scenarios of video streaming given below.

Video Streaming Test Scenarios

  1. Verify the availability of Multimedia device like Desktop or Laptop or Smart phone or Smart TV etc.
  2. Verify the availability of video streaming software should be installed in appropriate device.
  3. Verify the multimedia setting of device should be appropriate for the video streaming.
  4. Verify the availability of proper internet connection in device required for video streaming.
  5. Verify the availability of online video streaming player which is compatible to the device.
  6. Verify the availability of a video should be uploaded over the internet.
  7. Verify the file format of available video is supported by the video streaming software or online streaming player.
  8. Verify the availability of play & pause functionality while video streaming in player.Video Streaming Test Scenarios
  9. Verify the video buffering time between video streaming software and online video streaming player according to the different internet speed for a video of same quality.
  10. Verify the video quality of any video can be automatic adjustable while streaming in video streaming player according to internet connection speed.
  11. Verify the video quality of any video can be set manually while streaming in video streaming player at any internet connection speed.
  12. Verify the availability of progress bar with timer while streaming video in player.
  13. Verify the availability of forward and backward functionality in video streaming player while streaming the video.
  14. Verify that after using forward or backward functionality while streaming, video playing speed should not be change.
  15. Verify that after using forward or backward functionality while streaming, audio listening speed should not be change or lag or lead with respect to the video.Video Streaming Test Scenarios
  16. Verify that while streaming, video should not be distorted or pixilated.
  17. Verify that voice of video should not be interrupted while streaming in different speed of internet connection.
  18. Verify that streaming video should be adjustable according to the video streaming player’s screen sizes.
  19. Verify that internet connection lost while streaming the video, then video buffering should be stopped with internet connection lost message.
  20. Verify that video streaming player is retaining the video’s last position for resume, if pause that video and close the player or directly close the video streaming player while streaming.
  21. Verify that the total duration of video is displaying or not, also verify the pause duration & remaining video duration is displaying or not.
  22. Verify the response of streaming player when user trying to stream a corrupt video file.
  23. Verify the buffering functionality if video streaming get paused.
  24. Verify that if a video has streamed for some duration and get paused, then move the progress bar of video backward for some duration and now again play, so video will buffer again or not.
  25. Verify that if video streaming pause after some duration and again play then video will playing from the paused position or again buffer & play from initial position.


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