• Selenium IDE
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    Selenium IDE

    The first component of Selenium is Selenium IDE, in which IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. This IDE is for Record and Run the test scripts, it is an Addon for Firefox (FF) & it can be installed in Firefox browser only. It is accountable for User’s action and for every action it will generate the scripts. The recorded scripts initially will display in HTML language. If required then we can convert to the other languages also. The recorded scripts can be run against the other browsers also with the help of RC or Webdriver. Steps to Install Selenium IDE: Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and open the below URL…

  • Selenium Components
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    Selenium Components

    Selenium is majorly built on the below components which are called Selenium Components: Selenium IDE  Selenium RC Selenium Webdriver Selenium Grid Selendroid and Appium   Selenium IDE:  IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, it is for Record and Runs the scripts. It is an Addon for Mozilla Firefox browser (We can install it in Firefox browser only).   Selenium RC: RC stands for Remote Control. It is a Selenium-1, it acts as a server and launches all the browser but one browser at a time. It is an API (Application Programming Interface) and Library.   Selenium Webdriver:  It is the Selenium 2. It is the advanced version of Selenium RC.…

  • The बनारस City

    The बनारस City

    The बनारस City सुबह बनारस शाम बनारस, जब देखो रास्ता जाम बनारस कचहरी बनारस कालेज बनारस रास्ते भर थूकते पान बनारस गाय बनारस बानर बनारस रास्ते भर घूमते छुट्टा सांड बनारस साधु बनारस फ़क़ीर बनारस करते है बहुभेस बनारस कचौड़ी बनारस जलेबी बनारस कुल्हड़ फेंके चहुओर बनारस साइकिल बनारस मोटरसाइकिल बनारस चढ़ते चार-चार लोग बनारस तालाब बनारस नदी बनारस गंगा मैली सवओर बनारस ठेला बनारस रिक्सा बनारस टेम्पू करते रास्ता जाम बनारस नारी बनारस नर बनारस बोले हर हर बम बनारस शंख बनारस घंटा बनारस डमरू बोले डम डम बनारस दारू बनारस भंग बनारस गुटका बिके चहुओर बनारस रेल बनारस बस बनारस रहते दलाल हर क्षण बनारस नाली बनारस मेनहोल…

  • Difference between Selenium and QTP
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    Difference between Selenium and QTP

    In IT, companies are using Selenium over QTP to automate their Test Cases, so let’s know the difference between Selenium and QTP and why companies are giving priority to the Selenium automation tool instead of QTP (Quick Test Professional) automation tool. Selenium: Selenium is an Open Source automation tool. Selenium supports multiple languages like Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby and HTML. Selenium supports multiple browsers like Mozilla Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Selenium supports multiple Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac. It supports Web Application and Mobile application. It is more flexible and extendable than QTP. By using Sikuli or Auto IT tools, we can automate…

  • Software Testing through Selenium
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    Software Testing Through Selenium

    It is an Open Source functional automation tool. Software Testing through Selenium is the process of converting the Test Cases to Test Scripts with the help of Selenium Automation Tool. These Test Scripts can be executed on the targeted application whenever needed. Advantages: Automation can save the execution time. Automation can reduce the cost of the company. The scripts are repeatable. (we can execute it on multiple builds) We can maintain accuracy by repeating the same steps in the same manner. Bugs can be identified. We can ensure for quality.   When to start Automation Project? When the application is stable to save the Regression Testing time we can go…

  • High Severity with Low Priority & Low Severity with High Priority
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    High Severity with Low Priority & Low Severity with High Priority

    There are two different types of scenarios with examples of High Severity with Low Priority & Low Severity with High Priority Bug occurs while delivering the build to the client. Whenever we are planning to deliver the build to the client, we will deliver it in the form of phases. Low Severity and High Priority Bug: The bugs which are related to the current delivery will be converted to the High Priority irrespective to the Severity, even if it is Medium Severity bug will be converted to the P1 Priority Bug.   High Severity and Low Priority Bug: The bugs which are not the part of current delivery will be…

  • Priority in Test Case and Bug Template
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    Priority in Test Case and Bug Template

    The difference between Priority in Test Case and Bug Template has been described in this article. Bug Template Priority describes in which order the Developer has to fix the bugs, based on the Severity the Test Engineer will provide the Priority. Development Lead can change the Priority of Bug based on the conditions and Urgency Test Case Priority describes how important the Test Case is to be Pass. Whenever we don’t have sufficient time to execute all the Test Cases then the Test Engineer will execute the Test Cases based on the Priority.

  • Traceability Matrix
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    Traceability Matrix

    Traceability Matrix or Requirement Traceability Matrix is a template to track whether the Test Engineer has covered the Test Cases for all the requirements or not. While updating the Test Cases the Test Engineer has to update Traceability Matrix & Cover sheet and it will be sent to the lead.

  • Error Guessing
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    Error Guessing

    Error Guessing technique is one of the software testing technique which is used for Test Case design. This testing technique is based on Software Test Engineer’s skill of finding bugs, prior experience in software testing & same kind of applications or functionalities testing for bug finding and also it depends on its instinct of identifying defects. Whenever the Test Engineer identifies a bug where it was fixed by the Developer. The Test Engineer have to check whether the bug is really fixed or not, if it is working as expected, then the Test Engineer has to identify the related functionalities, where it has to check for the same kind of…

  • Equivalence Class Partition
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    Equivalence Class Partition

    The Equivalence Class Partition (ECP) technique is a Test Case Design Technique which uses special types of Test scenarios, through this we can write more effective Test Cases like: Whenever we have special requirements like the Username or Password should accept characters like A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, special characters like ()@$ or minimum Eight characters. At the same time, the application should not accept the special characters like <>/\-+_ or should not be more than 15 characters. Username should not contain space or should be between 6 to 12 characters. In the above type of scenarios exhaustive testing is not possible, so we have to follow…