Month: October 2017

X-path through Firebug and FirePath

Firebug and FirePath are very awesome add-ons work with Firefox only. So locate the X-path through Firebug and FirePath of a Web-Element. FirePath is a extension of Firebug where as Firebug is an add-on to the Firefox browser. So to use FirePath, we need to install Firebug initially.   Steps to Install Firebug: Step 1: Launch […]

Test Scenarios to Select the Suitable Camera

Nowadays we all are very familiar with Cameras for taking Selfies, Capturing amazing Views, Events, Filming adventurous or Comedy incidents. There are many type of Cameras available in the Market such as Smart phone Cameras, Professional Cameras, Mobile phone Cameras, CCTVs, etc. with many different and updated specifications. Many of us have been confused while […]