• Indian manufacturers are embracing machines due to workers shortage
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    Indian manufacturers are embracing machines due to workers shortage

    Indian manufacturers are embracing machines due to workers shortage Indian manufacturers are embracing machines due to workers shortage for unwanted factory jobs. Today’s youth are not willing to do the shopfloor jobs like in Textile and yarn industries or metal moulding industries. According to the bloomberg reports, Indian factories are facing shortage of manpower and can’t find enough workers for the shopfloor works. Report says that the fast pace of automation in the country. According to a survey by Willis Towers Watson that expected adoption of automation in the workplace of Indian companies over the next three years will increase from current 14% to 27% which is higher than the Asia Pacific…

  • TCS Changing Hiring Process
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    TCS Changing Hiring Process

    TCS Changing Hiring Process TCS Changing hiring process from traditional hiring process to online hiring process. According to the Times of India reports, now TCS is switching to an online test to hire engineering graduates, starting this year, the company will conduct an all-India exam, dubbed the National Qualifier Test, to identify potential candidates, followed by a video or face-to-face interview. TCS says moving away from the traditional process of going to campuses brings two key benefits: The company gets access to a bigger talent pool, and The recruitment process comes down to 3-4 four weeks from 3-4 months. Earlier, Mint reported that hiring was picking up pace at Indian…

  • OLA and Uber growth slowing down
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    OLA and Uber growth slowing down

    The two largest ride hailing companies in India are experiencing slowdown after the exponentially growth for few years. Growth seems to be slowing down for both Ola and Uber thought the absolute number of daily rides has increased in 2018 to an average 3.5millions rides per day in every segments (Taxi, Auto, Shared and Bikes). OLA and Uber growth slowing down. According to the Economic Times reports citing the analysts and company executives, growth in ride hailing sector fell down to 20% across segments (including taxis, autos, bike and shared cabs) from 57% in 2017 to an average 2.8 millions rides per day and 90% in 2016 to an average 1.9…

  • API and Web Services
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    API and Web Services

    API and Web Services The API and Web Services both are used for the communication from one software system to another software system. Web service can communicate between two system through internet only where as API can also communicate between two system which are not using internet. i.e. All the Web Services are APIs but all the APIs are not the Web Services.   What is the Web Service? Web Service is a medium of communication between the client and server on the internet. It is a XML-based data exchange systems that use the web for direct application-to-application interaction. These systems will embrace programs, objects, messages, or documents. It is…