Bug Reporting Through Bugzilla
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Bug Reporting through BUGZILLA

BUGZILLA is an Open – Source Bug Tracking Tool which can be used by Software Professionals. In many Software Organizations, Software QAs do Bug reporting through Bugzilla because it is easy to use, user-friendly, QAs & Management team can track any bug and its current status, Time Tracking, Email Notification etc also it can be used with Teat Management Tools like Testlink, Quality Center etc.

Let’s see how to Bug Reporting through Bugzilla step by step:


First of all, we need to Create an Account on Bugzilla

Step 01: Click on the given link of Bugzilla


Now the web page will display

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


Step 02: Now click on the Open a New Account link available on the homepage.

Step 03: Now enter your Email Address and click on Send Button.

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


Step 04: A Confirmation link will be sent to your Email Address from the Bugzilla Admin user.

Note: It can also take some time to receive a confirmation email.

Step 05: Now click on the confirmation link >> enter the Password details and Continue.

Step 06: Now click on Log In and enter Email Address & Password and click on Log In button.

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


By using Bugzilla a User can perform these activities:

  • Reporting a Bug
  • Search the Reported Bug
  • Taking the Bug Reports
  • Creating Graphical Reports
  • Preferences


Now Create a Bug Report in Bugzilla

Step 01: Click on New tab from the Main menu of Bugzilla – Main Page.

Bug Reporting Through Bugzilla


Step 02: Now a Bug Template appears >> now click on the project and enter all the Bug related details according to the Template.

Step 03: Enter all the necessary fields which are marked already

Step 04: If have any attachment related to the bug like Screenshot, video etc can attach in the Attachment by clicking on Add an Attachment button.

Step 05: Now click on Submit Bug button >> so the bug will be submitted and an ID will be assigned to that bug.

Step 06: Now you can add more details like Project URL, Whiteboard, Keywords, Tags, More Attachment, Deadline etc.


  • The bug which is reported to the Developer, by default its Status will be New.
  • Parallely the Bugzilla will send an Email notification to the Developer and other targeted Users

Step 07: Developer will Login in the Bugzilla & check that whether the reported bug is really a Bug or not by using the Bug Description steps.

Step 08: If it is a Bug then Developer will update the Status of the Bug from New to Open and provide comments, then click on Commit button. So an email notification sends by Bugzilla to the targeted users.

Step 09: Developer will fix the Bug, then provide the comment and update the Status as Fixed.

Step 10: The Test Engineer will receive the email of Fixed bug, then he/she will check whether the Bug is really fixed or not. If really fixed then he/she will update the Status as Closed or if not fixed so he/she will update the Status as Re – Open, then provide the comment and click on Commit button.

Step 11: The same process will continue until the bug is Closed.


Search the Bug in Bugzilla:

This is a Search functionality of Reported Bugs through Bugzilla.

Step 01: Click on Search tab from the Main menu of Bugzilla – Main Page.

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


Step 02: Bugzilla – Simple Search page open >> by default Simple Search section open >> in this Simple Search, select Status, select Product and type Words then click on Search button.

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


Step 03: So related bugs will display >> now click on the desired bug’s Bug ID >> so the user can see the Bug detail of that Bug.

Step 04: For Advanced Search >> click on Advanced Search >> so Advanced Search page will open.

Bug Reporting through Bugzilla


Step 05: In the Advanced Search user can type and select Summary, Classification, Product, Component, Status, Resolution then clicks on Search button.

Step 06: User also can select Detailed Bug Information, Search by People, Search By Change History, Custom Search by clicking on it >> fill all the mandatory fields >> click on Search button.


Generate the Bug Reports in Bugzilla:

Below steps is for generation of Reports in the form of Table.

Step 01: Click on Reports from the main header menu

Step 02: So Bugzilla – Reporting and Charting Kitchen page will display

Step 03: Click on Tabular reports in Current State.

Step 04: Now select Product from Horizontal Axis dropdown and select Component from Vertical Axis dropdown.

Step 05: Scroll down and click on Generate Report button.

Bug Reporting through Bugilla

So it will display the Report in Table format.


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