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End to End Testing and Monkey Testing

End to End Testing: Test Engineer will identify all the End User used scenario (flows) for the project then Test Engineer has to execute whether all the end to end scenarios are working as expected or not is known as End to End Testing. Examples: Create Gmail account >> Login >> Check account >> Logout. […]

Regression Testing and Re – Testing

Regression Testing: Testing already tested functionalities on the Iterative and Incremental builds is known as Regression Testing. It will be performed in two ways: Whenever the bug is identified, it will be reported to the developer. The developer will fix it and send it back to the Testing team. The Test Engineer will check whether […]

Sanity, GUI and Validation Testing

Sanity Testing: Once the build is deployed in the Test environment, the Testing team will perform the same Smoke Test in Test environment, they will perform at least one round of Testing on the application and check that whether the build is ready for further testing or not. If the build is pass then Testing […]

Smoke Testing & Pre – SRN Testing

Smoke Testing: First Type of Functional Testing is Smoke Testing, it is also called Build Verification Testing (BVT). It is the initial testing conducted on the build. Once it is deployed in one environment, initially the developer will deploy the build in the development environment and perform the Smoke Testing. He will check whether the […]

Functional Testing Types

There are many types of Functional Testing in Software Testing which are used to test the functional specifications of any software application. All are these types helps a Software Tester to test and cover all the scenarios of the functional part of any application. Some of the Types of Functional Testing are given below: Smoke […]

Levels of Software Testing Part – 2

Levels of Software Testing Part – 1 UAT (User or Client Acceptance Testing): Once the build is stable in Test Environment the Project Manager will inform the client through email that build is stable, then the client will send User Acceptance Test Cases (UATCs) to the Testing Team. The Test Team will execute all the […]

Levels of Software Testing Part – 1

There are below 5 Level of Software Testing: Unit Level Testing Module Level Testing Integration Level Testing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) System Testing   Unit Level Testing: The smallest flow or the part of application is known as Unit. The Developer will divide application’s module to multiple units and develops the code for all the […]

Software Testing Methodologies

Software Testing Methodologies is of 3 types are: Black box Testing White box Testing Grey box Testing   Black box Testing: If the resource (example: Software Tester) is performing testing on the functional part of the application then he / she will be treated as Black box tester. The Test Engineers are Black box Tester. […]

Test Cases for Upload functionality

Test Cases for Upload functionality Now a days it is a need to upload files as we are taking photos, videos, selfies from our smart devices or upload official documents from our system or laptop etc. So due to all these usefulness, we need to test the Upload Functionality, so I am publishing some of […]

Test Cases for Download Functionality

Test Cases for Download Functionality Downloading in the world of internet is a boon for internet users. The user can download any downloadable stuff in their Smartphone or computer system. There are lots of things available on the internet whether it is related to studies, entertainment, research etc. There are many Download management applications available […]

Wearable Fitness Device Fitbit’s Test Scenarios

Wearable Fitness Device Fitbit Need of fitness is essential therefore nowadays a wearable fitness monitor devices like Fitbit are a boon as can check there fitness stats regularly from there walking to sleeping, eating to calorie burning. These fitness devices are wearable and can be linked easily with your smartphones, laptop, desktop etc. in which […]

Test Cases for Bluetooth headset

Test Cases for Bluetooth headset The wireless gadget’s today have created era of freedom. Bluetooth headset is one of the mostly used device in this category as it has provided the accessibility to move around hassle free taking calls, receiving calls, listening music, songs, movies, videos etc while working, travelling, jogging etc. Any technology without […]

Test Cases for Chat Application

Chat application Chat applications or messengers are trending enormously. The most famous applications are WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Alo, WeChat etc. There are a lots of chat applications available with new and exciting features but some of them only success. This is due to the quality which they maintain and quality comes with testing process, so […]

Test Cases for Media Player in Mobile

Test Cases for Media Player iin Mobile is one of the most useful applications in Mobile phones nowadays. It has provided the accessibility to watch videos, songs, movies etc while hangout, traveling etc. Any technology without debugging is a waste of effort. Hence testing is an important process to go through so here I have […]

Types of Payment

Test Cases for Payment Functionality of every type Verify that any one or all different types of Payment facility should be available like Payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paypal, Paytm, Stripe, Payment by ATM to ATM fund transfer, Cash On Delivery, By Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash etc.. Verify that Payment should be […]

Test Scenarios on Bluetooth devices

10 Test Cases on Bluetooth devices Verify that Bluetooth device should have Power supply On / Off functionality. Verify that Bluetooth device should be able to search all the active or Power On Bluetooth devices within its range. Verify that Bluetooth device should be able to search by all other Bluetooth devices if power On […]

Software Test Plan

Software Test Plan Software Test Plan is a strategic document in which it has explained that how the testing will be conduct on the particular software project. It is very necessary to know about this plan because it gives the clear idea of about every phase of testing. Objectives and Scope: This document provides a […]

Angry Tester’s thought

Angry Tester’s thought “What do you want a Tester or a Developer?” Please be specific, what do you want a Software Tester or a Software Developer ??? This kind of thought always comes in most of the candidates’ mind who attend any Software Testing Interview. Those candidates who start their career from Manual Testing always […]

Test Without Test Cases

Test Without Test Cases Test cases are necessary for the testing of any software project…… but what to do when more number of projects have arrived in the small Testing team to test in short time limit and willing to give maximum result. So we need to Test Without Test Cases. This Type of scenario […]

Manual vs. Automation

Hello Quality professionals

I have listened and read a lot of thoughts about Manual Testing and Automation Testing from the beginning of my career. Some thoughts are in favor and some are in against and some folks start voting between them that which one will be better in Testing or exist in future.