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Video Recording Test Scenarios

Video Recording Test Scenarios Verify the availability of Video Recorder device like Multimedia Mobile phones, Smartphone, Handycam, Digital Camera, CCTV etc. Verify the device ON and setting of the device should be in Video Recording mode. Verify that the lens of the Camera should have clear view to record. Verify that Recording button should appear […]

Video Streaming Test Scenarios

Today whole world is moving towards digitization and use of internet is crossing every limit day by day and most of the people use to do video streaming by their devices to enjoy, education, entertainment etc. therefore there are many video streaming software available on the internet for download and install or use online streaming […]

Test Scenarios to Select the Suitable Camera

Nowadays we all are very familiar with Cameras for taking Selfies, Capturing amazing Views, Events, Filming adventurous or Comedy incidents. There are many type of Cameras available in the Market such as Smart phone Cameras, Professional Cameras, Mobile phone Cameras, CCTVs, etc. with many different and updated specifications. Many of us have been confused while […]

Online Payment Test Scenarios

Nowadays most of the people do Shopping, Travelling, Recharging etc. Most of them using Credit or Debit card, Internet Banking, Crypto Currency, Online wallet, payment gateways etc for the payment online. Now there is a need arises to test these facilities for the payment and any user can test their online payment functionality through Online […]

Test Cases for Upload functionality

Test Cases for Upload functionality Now a days it is a need to upload files as we are taking photos, videos, selfies from our smart devices or upload official documents from our system or laptop etc. So due to all these usefulness, we need to test the Upload Functionality, so I am publishing some of […]

Test Cases for Download Functionality

Test Cases for Download Functionality Downloading in the world of internet is a boon for internet users. The user can download any downloadable stuff in their Smartphone or computer system. There are lots of things available on the internet whether it is related to studies, entertainment, research etc. There are many Download management applications available […]

Wearable Fitness Device Fitbit’s Test Scenarios

Wearable Fitness Device Fitbit Need of fitness is essential therefore nowadays a wearable fitness monitor devices like Fitbit are a boon as can check there fitness stats regularly from there walking to sleeping, eating to calorie burning. These fitness devices are wearable and can be linked easily with your smartphones, laptop, desktop etc. in which […]

Test Cases for Bluetooth headset

Test Cases for Bluetooth headset The wireless gadget’s today have created era of freedom. Bluetooth headset is one of the mostly used device in this category as it has provided the accessibility to move around hassle free taking calls, receiving calls, listening music, songs, movies, videos etc while working, travelling, jogging etc. Any technology without […]

Test Cases for Chat Application

Chat application Chat applications or messengers are trending enormously. The most famous applications are WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Alo, WeChat etc. There are a lots of chat applications available with new and exciting features but some of them only success. This is due to the quality which they maintain and quality comes with testing process, so […]

Test Cases for Media Player in Mobile

Test Cases for Media Player iin Mobile is one of the most useful applications in Mobile phones nowadays. It has provided the accessibility to watch videos, songs, movies etc while hangout, traveling etc. Any technology without debugging is a waste of effort. Hence testing is an important process to go through so here I have […]

Types of Payment

Test Cases for Payment Functionality of every type Verify that any one or all different types of Payment facility should be available like Payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paypal, Paytm, Stripe, Payment by ATM to ATM fund transfer, Cash On Delivery, By Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash etc.. Verify that Payment should be […]

Test Scenarios on Bluetooth devices

10 Test Cases on Bluetooth devices Verify that Bluetooth device should have Power supply On / Off functionality. Verify that Bluetooth device should be able to search all the active or Power On Bluetooth devices within its range. Verify that Bluetooth device should be able to search by all other Bluetooth devices if power On […]