Advantages and Limitations of Selenium IDE

There are several advantages and limitations of Selenium IDE in Automation Testing which are given below:

Advantages of Selenium IDE

  • We can check whether the application is compatible with selenium or not.


Record few scenarios by using Selenium IDE. if the is generating the script,

Then we can conclude that the application is compatible with selenium.

  • While scripting if you are facing problem to identify the locator then it can be taken from Selenium IDE.
  • If required we can convert the recorded script to the specific language (JAVA) to get the script where it can be used in scripting on other browsers.
  • Go to Options >> click on Options >> check the check box Enable experimental features >> click on OK.
  • Now go to Options click on Format & Select the desired language.


To Automate any application by default we have to go for scripting. While scripting if you are facing any problem then it can be overcome by using selenium IDE.


Limitations of selenium IDE:


Record few scenarios & execute those scenarios on multiple builds.

If the application is dynamically changing then we can’t perform the regression testing.


Test Gmail login with multiple sets of different login credentials.

  • Static testing like checking the availability of the fields (validations) is not possible to perform.
  • It is limited to Firefox browser only.
  • We can’t perform database testing.
  • It won’t provide the detailed test report.


All the above limitations can be overcome by using RC or Web driver.

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