Angry Tester’s thought

Angry Tester’s thought

“What do you want a Tester or a Developer?”

Please be specific, what do you want a Software Tester or a Software Developer ???

This kind of thought always comes in most of the candidates’ mind who attend any Software Testing Interview.

Those candidates who start their career from Manual Testing always think of this thought when some interviewer asks questions related to development skills.

I also used to think the same until I have not learned Automation Testing. When I was learning Automation by using Selenium then I understood if a Tester have a little coding skill then he / she can do very good in there Testing career because you are able to understand programming reasons behind different functionalities and their drawbacks. I can give technical suggestions and make understand about bugs and functionalities to the Developers in better technical way.

Being a Manual Tester first, I have the skill of investigation with experience which is very necessary skill for the Testing and because of Automation I can do Testing in fast pace.

As all you know that our IT industry is changing very fast so we should have the most desired skill which the smart Interviewer always seek, that skill is “Learning new things fast“.

Some Testers think that if Testers learn the coding skills then his / her Testing skills can be weak because that he / she starts thinking like a Developer and development instead of Tester and breaking the development.

According to my point of view “Once a Tester always a Tester, he always thinks breaking the development through investigation“.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha …..ANGRY TESTER’S THOUGHT is a very cool article. especially “What do you want a Tester or a Developer?” you make me remind this question.

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