Sanity, GUI and Validation Testing

Sanity Testing:

  • Once the build is deployed in the Test environment, the Testing team will perform the same Smoke Test in Test environment, they will perform at least one round of Testing on the application and check that whether the build is ready for further testing or not.
  • If the build is pass then Testing team will go for further testing by executing the Test Cases.
  • If failed then they will reject the build to the Development team.
  • Example: Create an account in Gmail >> Login into the mail >> Compose a mail with maximum attachment >> Send mail to the targeted email >> Check that whether targeted person received the mail or not >> then delete the mail.


GUI Testing (Graphical User Interface):

As a Test Engineer we will perform below activities on the application as part of GUI Testing:

  • Check the Spellings of all the fields.
  • Check the alignment of all the fields where it should maintain the consistency.
  • Check the font of all the fields, it should be consistent.
  • Check the colour of the page where it should be professional or according to the client’s requirement.
  • Check the overall feel of the page where it should looks good.


Validation Testing:

  • Check whether the application is displaying all the expected fields or not is known as Validation Testing.


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