Test Without Test Cases

Test Without Test Cases

Test cases are necessary for the testing of any software project…… but what to do when more number of projects have arrived in the small Testing team to test in short time limit and willing to give maximum result. So we need to Test Without Test Cases.
This Type of scenario usually happens in small and medium size software companies where Development teams are large and Testing team is small. So this is the reason that they have overworked.
So How to overcome from this situation….???
Well I suggest that do not panic in this situation whatever the pressure put on you by the development or management team. Just think for a while and plan for every step of work that how the work should be done in the minimum period in an effective and efficient way.
According to my opinion if you are a well experienced tester then you should go with the test scenarios only because it has saved much time.
If work on multiple projects in tight time limit then
  • Divide the Time for every project.
  • Fix the priority for the projects
  • Discuss to the Development or Management team about your plan.
  • Take every necessary step to reduce the time.
  • Concentrate on the Test scenarios.
  • Use Exploratory Testing .
  • Search on the Internet and gather relative information and test cases as much as you can.
  • Always make everything clear and aware to everyone who involves in your project about the situation.
  • Report well whatever you have done and not done. So that Business Development team will be aware with the situation and prepare themselves to tackle the client.
  • This is not a Rocket Science so be cool, always honest with your work & don’t take much tension…..?

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  1. Codingbrains' tester

    Test without Test Cases is one of the very good article of work for quality. The way it describe to manage multiple projects simultaneously is very cool in Agile process, short deadline and extreme pressure.

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