Types of Payment

Test Cases for Payment Functionality of every type

  1. Verify that any one or all different types of Payment facility should be available like Payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paypal, Paytm, Stripe, Payment by ATM to ATM fund transfer, Cash On Delivery, By Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash etc..
  2. Verify that Payment should be stop or timeout if it Payment is taking more time.
  3. Verify that Amount should be valid before Payment.
  4. Verify that all valid security measures should be matched correctly according to the Payment type before final Payment.
  5. Verify that Payment should be done if all valid process complete step by step according to the Payment type.
  6. Verify that after Payment, Invoice should be generated.
  7. Verify that Invoice should be mentioned all the details correctly and Paid amount should be the same.
  8. Verify that pre Payment or post Payment information should be clear for any particular product or services.
  9. Verify that Payment details such as products or services names, there costs , total cost, discounts, Terms & Conditions etc for multiple products or services or combination of products and services should be clearly shown before and after Payment.
  10. Verify that any discrepancies in Order should lead to the Payment cancellation.
  11. Verify that Payment return policy should be clearly predefined.
  12. Verify that if no service or product selected than it should not leads to the Payment functionality.
  13. Verify that if any error or discrepancy arise while Payment processing (example: 90% done) then total Payment should be cancel.
  14. Verify that in case of By Part Payment, Payment should be canceled after deliver some parts of the full Payment according to the Terms and Conditions.
  15. Verify that Payment should be done by multiple users or single user to the multiple provider or single provider.
  16. Verify that valid amount should not be Paid by invalid mode or currency or cheque etc.
  17. Verify that valid mode or currency or cheque etc should not be use to Pay invalid amount.
  18. Verify that Payment should not be done for illegal products, services or activities.
  19. Verify that Payment by force should not be done and proper security measures should be follow to stop this activities.
  20. Verify that fake Payment like invalid credit or debit card, card cloning activity, username or password theft, hacking, snatching, forgery, false signature etc should not be done at any cost.

& many more…..

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