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Selenium IDE

The first component of Selenium is Selenium IDE, in which IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. This IDE is for Record and Run the test scripts, it is an Addon for Firefox (FF) & it can be installed in Firefox browser only.

  • It is accountable for User’s action and for every action it will generate the scripts.
  • The recorded scripts initially will display in HTML language.
  • If required then we can convert to the other languages also.
  • The recorded scripts can be run against the other browsers also with the help of RC or Webdriver.

Steps to Install Selenium IDE:

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and open the below URL

Selenium IDE

  • Click on Download link from header menu.
  • Now click on “Download latest released version from” under Selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE

  • Now click on Add to Firefox button

Selenium IDE

  • Click on allow – Install

Selenium IDE

  • Now click on Restart now button to restart the Firefox.
  • Selenium IDE will be available under browser’s Open menu >> Addons >> Extensions.


Describe the steps to record the Scenario like Open and type workforquality in the text box then click on Google Search button.

Step 1: Open Mozilla FireFox browser >> go to the Tool bar and click on Selenium IDE icon.

Step 2: By default, Selenium IDE will be in Recording mode when open.

Step 3: Perform the Scenario given above for recording.

Step 4: Once the Recording is completed >> restore or maximize the Selenium IDE >> then click on the Red button to stop the Recording.

Step 5: By default Selenium IDE will display the Recorded action into two formats:-

  1. Table, 2. Source

Step 6: Table contains the recorded actions in tabular format and Source contains the recorded actions in the form of Source code. (By default it will be in HTML language)

Step 7: To Run the Recorded scripts, we have two options:

  1. Play Current Test Case icon
  2. Play Entire Test Suite icon

Step 8: To maintain the synchronization, make the execution speed Slow by using the option Fast and Slow.

Step 9: Speed Synchronization is to provide wait to the Tool to maintain Sync between Application and Tool.

Step 10: To save the recorded script, go to File >> click on Save Test Case As and save in .html format.


Test Suite or Patch Execution

The combination of Multiple Test Cases is called a batch of Suites.

Describe the steps to Record few scenarios and execute it as a batch

Step 1: Launch Mozilla Firefox >> Open Selenium IDE >> Record first Test Scenario >> then click on Red button to stop the record.

Step 2: Take a new Test Case by navigation to File and select New Test Case >> then click on the Red button to start the recording >> record the scenario and click again on the Red button to stop the recording.

Step 3: Use the option to Play Entire Test Suite to Run all the scenarios as a batch.


Assignments for Practice

  1. Gmail Login and Logout scenario.
  2. Facebook Login and Logout scenario.
  3. Yahoo Login and Logout scenario.
  4. Open and open all the links and check whether all the links are working or not.

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