Selenium RC Specification
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Selenium RC Specification

Selenium RC is a component of Selenium often called Selenium-1. RC stands for Remote Control, it acts as a Server and launches browsers but one browser at a time. Selenium RC supports multiple browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE etc. also it supports multiple scripting languages like Java, PHP, C#, ruby, Perl, Python etc.  The Selenium RC Specification is given below:


The selenium commands often called as Selenese.

Browser command

  • Start: It is to launch the browser.
  • Open: It is to open the URL of the application.
  • Window maximize: It is to maximize the window.
  • Stop: It is to close the browser.

selenium.stop( );

  • Close: It is to close the popup or child window.


Interactive command

  • Type: It is to enter some value in the text box.

Selenium type (“locator” or “value”)

  • Click: By using this command we can click on a button, radio button, image, checkbox, link. (locator) ;//button, RB, checkbox, image. (link = display name);// link.

  • Select: It is to select the value from a dropdown and list box.



The process of providing wait to the tool to maintain insync between both application and tool is known as synchronization.

It is of two types:

  • Page Load:

If the application is taking time to load the page then we have to use the below command.

(selenium.wait for page to load “30000”; //30 sec)

The advantage of above command is it doesn’t wait up to take given time. Once the load is completed it continues the execution. The given time is the maximum time to wait.


  • Page Refresh:

If the application is taking time for refreshing the page then use below command.

(Thread.sleep”5000” //5 sec)

It is the standard wait. It simply waits upto the given time.

  • Whenever we are using thread.sleep. It shows an error like add throws declaration. Then we need to add throws exception to the method and main method because it’s a java command.
  • Some of the java commands may throw the error (exception). To handle it we need to add throws exception to the method.


If id, name are not available or not working then we can go for CSS (Cascade Style Sheet). It is a combination of ’tag name.class name’.

Syntax: (CSS=’tag name.class name’)

Ex: ( to day.t calselected)

If the class name is having space then we will replace the space with dot (.).


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