Simple Becomes Complex

Simple Becomes Complex

In our life some of the situations comes where some easy task becomes complex or uneasy and I am also gone through it. so One of the situation I am describing here in front of you all.

Some functionalities looks simple but become very complex while working as I am a Team Manager of Testing team in my company but at that time I was just a Software Tester.

I remember that I got a task to implement and test a functionality of three steps in a project with a 6 months experienced developer involved in it. That task was select activities, select date, set activities according to date and print.

That was maintenance project task. So we have discussed and give normal timeline. So when the task began to implement, there are a lot of small changes, cosmetic changes and effect of whole application functionality on that functionality occur.

Suddenly a small task become big issue because it was taking more time and every time more bugs. That developer also got frustrated due to that task and management thought that developer was not enough good to complete that small task.

Finally Project Manager give that task to that Senior Developer and that developer also stuck in that task, then he told to the PM either give more time to complete that task or it will not feasible to do. So after that the PM realizes, that was not easy task.

So in the time span of my career I have faced a lot of situations like this but it makes me smile after thinking of that first time experience. I hope you have also faced that kind of situations.

Please share your views, comments and incidents of your wonderful career.

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