Smoke Testing and Pre - SRN Testing
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Smoke Testing & Pre – SRN Testing

Smoke Testing:

First Type of Functional Testing is Smoke Testing, it is also called Build Verification Testing (BVT).

  • It is the initial testing conducted on the build. Once it is deployed in one environment, initially the developer will deploy the build in the development environment and perform the Smoke Testing.
  • He will check whether the build is ready for further testing or not by clicking on, all the module related fields. If all are navigating properly to respective pages, then he will conclude that the Smoke Test is pass, Then the Developer will release the build to the Testing Team.


Pre – SRN Testing:

(SRN -> Software Release Notes)

It is a Document which contains builds status like:

  • No. of Modules released in the build.
  • No. of bugs fixed and released to the build.
  • No. of bugs which are not at fixed.
  • No. of modules which are under development.
  • It also contains development guidelines etc.
  • The Pre – SRN Testing means, once the smoke test is pass in the development environment, the Testing team will go the development environment and perform the same Smoke test in the development environment. If it is pass then the Testing team will ask the developer to release the build to the Testing team. It is also known as Build Acceptance Testing (BAT) and Build Verification Testing (BVT).


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