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Software Development Model – V Model and Fish Model


It is also known as Verification and Validation model.


  • Check whether the developed software (Project or product) is as per the client’s requirements or not is known as Validation.
  • Test Engineers are Validators or QC.


  • The Testing team will check whether each and every phase outcome document is as per the company’s guidelines or not is known as Verification.
  • Check whether each and every role in the organization is working as per company’s guidelines or not is known as Verification.
  • Verification is also known as QA (Quality Assurance).
  • Project Management group (PMG) and Audit group are responsible for Verification.
  • From V Model onwards the Testing activities will be started at the early stage of the Life Cycle.
  • The Validation Team (Testing Team) participated in the requirement phase where they will analyze the requirements whether it is possible to develop and test or not.
  • Once the SRS document is baselined, the Validation team will prepare the Test Plan.
  • Based on the Analysis and Design Phases, the Validation team will prepare System Test Plan and Design Plan.
  • Once the Coding is completed, the build will be released to the Testing team, where they will perform Module Level Testing, Integration Level Testing, UATs etc.
  • Once the build is stable, it will be delivered to the client.
  • The process will go in the shape of V, hence we will call it as V- Model.


  • The Testing Activities are starting at the early stages of life cycle, so we can ensure for quality.
  • The risk can be analyzed at the early stage of the life cycle and it can be prevented.
  • The requirement change can be accepted at the middle of the process.


It is Time consuming and Costly process but we can assure for quality.


Fish Model:

It is same as like V Model, but we will be having multiple Verification Teams, one from the company and another from the client, it is for more secured projects and also it is more costly than V Model.


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