Sometimes in Career

Sometimes in Career

Most of all People in their life feel this kind of feeling and I also felt like that. In this situation positive thinking is must because everything is happening in this world have both positive and negative facts and results, so it is up to us that

what we choose?

Can we take some positive lessons from the negativity?


Sometimes while working continuously I feel that I don’t know anything about Testing……..

I feel that whatever I am doing is very ordinary that any person can do this…….then

what is the difference between me and other person who does not belong to IT field……

sometime I feel exhausted from managing the Team or some team member ask to me any

silly doubt or sometime Boss assigned me a lot of projects at a time approx 7 to 9.

But I really don’t know that how is it possible but I overcome of these kinds of situations

everytime till now and I have no idea that why these situations always following me from

the beginning of my career.

Sometime I insisted to my Boss for the increase of Team because we have overburdened.

Sometime he console me about the recruitment of new joinee in process, but sometime

I believe, sometime not. Sometime I do not believe on myself that I can able to instruct

the talented developers about the would be functionality of any project

without any SRS docs or unclear requirement and take the responsibility on me if anything

happen wrong in future or negative review of clients but I do it everytime. Sometime I

correct and sometime I am wrong.

I really not able to test myself. Sometime I think that I am ready for the new beginning and

sometime shut up……

Sometime I feel like looser that I haven’t find that bug before others. Sometime I feel

like hero when I found that bug which is not found by any tester or other person before

me in existing system which effect on business. Sometime I feel free while I have a lot

of work and sometime I feel very busy while work is less. Sometime I enjoy with the

developers while describing them about bug and sometime they give me threat and

Sometime I give them threat. Sometime taunts sometime praise.

Sometime I think for developer and sometime I think for User.

But every time at the end of the day I feel like I have gained something today and tomorrow


I will start  again……keep moving

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  • Deepak

    That’s right I will also start again…and keep moving. Leave the negativity and acquire positivity. So that self-confidence automatic build up.

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