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OLA and Uber growth slowing down

The two largest ride hailing companies in India are experiencing slowdown after the exponentially growth for few years. Growth seems to be slowing down for both Ola and Uber thought the absolute number of daily rides has increased in 2018 to an average 3.5millions rides per day in every segments (Taxi, Auto, Shared and Bikes). OLA […]

ISIS hits by Mother Of All Bombs

ISIS hits by Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan. The United States hit Islamic State by dropping its massive and largest Non-Nuclear bomb of its arsenal which is known as GBU – 43B, dropped by Lockheed C-130 Hercules, a four-engine turboprop military transport. Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) is formal name of that bomb weighted […]

Bomb Blast in Russia

Bomb Blast in Russia Explosion happened in St. Petersburg Metro on Monday. Authorities claimed that it is a terrorist attack. At least 10 killed and dozens more injured. No any terrorist group claimed this attack yet. President Vladimir Putin, who had been in St. Petersburg earlier in the day, said all causes were being investigated, including […]