• Video Recording Test Scenarios
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    Video Recording Test Scenarios

    Video Recording Test Scenarios Verify the availability of Video Recorder device like Multimedia Mobile phones, Smartphone, Handycam, Digital Camera, CCTV etc. Verify the device ON and setting of the device should be in Video Recording mode. Verify that the lens of the Camera should have clear view to record. Verify that Recording button should appear to record in video recording mode. Verify that Timer should appear while recording a video. Verify that there should be enough space in the device or SD card to record and save a video. Verify the Play the recording feature and check whether the video have been recorded successfully or not with desired quality. Verify…

  • video streaming test scenarios
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    Video Streaming Test Scenarios

    Today whole world is moving towards digitization and use of internet is crossing every limit day by day and most of the people use to do video streaming by their devices to enjoy, education, entertainment etc. therefore there are many video streaming software available on the internet for download and install or use online streaming software like Youtube, Netflix, Openload, Dailymotion etc. So use the video streaming test scenarios to ensure that the user gets the best video streaming experience with the use of selected streaming software on the basis of test scenarios of video streaming given below. Video Streaming Test Scenarios Verify the availability of Multimedia device like Desktop…

  • Test Scenarios to select the suitable Camera
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    Test Scenarios to Select the Suitable Camera

    Nowadays we all are very familiar with Cameras for taking Selfies, Capturing amazing Views, Events, Filming adventurous or Comedy incidents. There are many type of Cameras available in the Market such as Smart phone Cameras, Professional Cameras, Mobile phone Cameras, CCTVs, etc. with many different and updated specifications. Many of us have been confused while selecting Cameras or Smart Phones with Cameras having cool specs. So I have mentioned below some Test Scenarios to select the suitable Camera to test and analyze the Test results which will be helpful to select the best Camera to Buy. Verify the availability of Normal Features in Camera:                                                                 Verify the Camera should be available…

  • Priority in Test Case and Bug Template
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    Priority in Test Case and Bug Template

    The difference between Priority in Test Case and Bug Template has been described in this article. Bug Template Priority describes in which order the Developer has to fix the bugs, based on the Severity the Test Engineer will provide the Priority. Development Lead can change the Priority of Bug based on the conditions and Urgency Test Case Priority describes how important the Test Case is to be Pass. Whenever we don’t have sufficient time to execute all the Test Cases then the Test Engineer will execute the Test Cases based on the Priority.

  • Equivalence Class Partition
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    Equivalence Class Partition

    The Equivalence Class Partition (ECP) technique is a Test Case Design Technique which uses special types of Test scenarios, through this we can write more effective Test Cases like: Whenever we have special requirements like the Username or Password should accept characters like A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, special characters like ()@$ or minimum Eight characters. At the same time, the application should not accept the special characters like <>/\-+_ or should not be more than 15 characters. Username should not contain space or should be between 6 to 12 characters. In the above type of scenarios exhaustive testing is not possible, so we have to follow…

  • Software Test Design Technique - Boundary Value Analysis
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    Software Test Design Techniques

    To write the Test Cases in more effective and efficient way, we are having the below main Software Test Design Techniques: Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) Equivalence Class Partition (ECP)  Error Guessing State Transition Diagrams Decision Table Testing   Boundary Value Analysis (BVA): Whenever we are having a range like 1 to 10000 or 1 to 1000000 or 100000 to 10000000 etc. then it is not possible to perform the exhaustive testing, so at that time we need to use the Boundary Value Analysis Technique. Divide the range of multiple boundaries like: Min – 1, Min, Min + 1, Middle, Max – 1, Max, Max + 1. To perform the Positive…

  • Test Case Execution
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    Test Case Execution

    After preparing all the Test Cases in the Test Template for all the Requirements, the phase Test Case Execution will conduct by the Testing Team. Once all the Test Cases are baselined, Testing Team wait for the build: Once the build is released from the Development Team to Testing Team, so the build will deploy in Test Environment, then the Testing Team will perform Sanity Test first. Once the Sanity Test on the build is pass, then the Testing Team will execute all the prepared Test Cases for the build according to the Test Steps. The Sanity Test results will be sent to the Development Team also. Testing Team will…

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    Test Cases for Upload functionality

    Test Cases for Upload functionality Now a days it is a need to upload files as we are taking photos, videos, selfies from our smart devices or upload official documents from our system or laptop etc. So due to all these usefulness, we need to test the Upload Functionality, so I am publishing some of the test scenarios are: Test Cases / Scenarios for Upload functionality Verify that there should be any Upload link or button available. Verify that upload link or button clickable. Verify that upload link or button is redirecting to any other link (like advertisement) or not. Verify that choose file window or screen must be open…

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    Test Cases for Download Functionality

    Test Cases for Download Functionality Downloading in the world of internet is a boon for internet users. The user can download any downloadable stuff in their Smartphone or computer system. There are lots of things available on the internet whether it is related to studies, entertainment, research etc. There are many Download management applications available on the internet with some extra exciting features. So, in that case, Users need to test those apps so that they can find and choose better download management application for their use. Therefore I am publishing some Test Cases / Scenarios for their use so it will be easy for them to test. Test Cases/scenarios…