TCS Changing Hiring Process
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TCS Changing Hiring Process

TCS Changing Hiring Process

TCS Changing hiring process from traditional hiring process to online hiring process. According to the Times of India reports, now TCS is switching to an online test to hire engineering graduates, starting this year, the company will conduct an all-India exam, dubbed the National Qualifier Test, to identify potential candidates, followed by a video or face-to-face interview. TCS says moving away from the traditional process of going to campuses brings two key benefits:

  1. The company gets access to a bigger talent pool, and
  2. The recruitment process comes down to 3-4 four weeks from 3-4 months.

Earlier, Mint reported that hiring was picking up pace at Indian IT after a year of tepid employee additions.

Also there are three American citizens have sued TCS for employment discrimination based on race and national origin. The complaint alleges, Economic Times reports, that the IT company prefers bringing in employees on visas even though there are trained US citizens, and chooses Indians and South Asians over local candidates.

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